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magic number invalid

Getting magic number is invalid when trying to install. Is my ISO corrupt or could my edgelinux beta invite expire somehow? Going to re-download it again and try.



Hi @mperkinsky,


Your invite code doesn't expire, only the 30% off the license deal does.

If you already have downloaded however you should not need the invite code in the install.

Could you post a screenshot of your error message?

It's going through the installer now. Like a dummy, I doubt I checked to verify that the file was a complete file. My developer is on the other side of the globe literally but the the hardware is with me in Kentucky. So, my only job is to get the antsles up so he can SSH into them. Unfortunately, that's testing my skill set, which is extremely limited. Lol. I will check back here. One is going in one of our locations on one ISP and the other at one of our other locations on a separate ISP, mirroring to his antsle. He's finally been able to play with his and he's very happy with it. Hopefully, we'll have one or more up tomorrow with our app on the web. Fingers crossed. Thanks for checking in.

Ok sounds good! Please post in the forum if you hit any issues. Hopefully the docs can help too:

Installation went fine this time but I'm trying to register the edgelinux box on my anthill and the activation just spins and doesn't succeed. I got the server ID from the about screen. Anything else that might be getting in the way?  Thanks

Was able to add it to anthill after buying a license

Sounds good. Glad you were able to get it running!