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I haven't used my Antsle for a few weeks.  Today I turned it on and it's not responding.   It's not showing up on my router DHCP list.  I hook up a keyboard and monitor to it and the monitor shows a blank screen.  The front led shows a solid red.   What am I missing?   Thanks in advance.

I am so embarrassed.   Turns out that my monitor was not plugged in.

Next  question.

Is there a way to reset root password on Antsle?

haha it has happened to me more than once @cwong600.

There are 3 ways:

  1. If you are on the antsle command line running as root you can reset it with passwd
  2. In antMan, click on the "root" tab 2nd from top right of screen.
  3. At if you have activated your edgelinux server and we are reciving heartbeats from it you will see the reset option under "Actions"