edgeLinux powers the Private/Hybrid Cloud 

Designed to simplify the dev work flow. 

It all starts with Linux...

edgeLinux is the leading Private/Hybrid Cloud platform that is accessible to everyone. Built with simplicity in mind and with familiar cloud-like dashboards, edgeLinux and our user interface antMan™ improve the dev work flow and let you focus on what's important: Building awesome software! We'll make sure it runs anywhere. 

edgeLinux is open-source and can be used standalone. Every edgeLinux install also comes with our popular management GUI antMan™ which lets you deploy antlets (our virtual servers) in seconds, take instant snapshots and more. Manage everything in one easy-to-use management GUI. 


Battle-proven Technology with 1,000+ customers & 20+ software releases. 

Instant Snapshots

Just making a quick change inside your antlet but not sure how risky it is? Take a snapshot in mili-seconds, go improve your product, and if needed, roll back just as quickly. Ever tried that on AWS? You can go to lunch in the meantime. 

Ready-to-go OS Templates

Don't have the needed OS .iso handy? Or don't want to upload them from your machine? Annoyed to go through tedious OS setup procedures? Not an issue with antsle. You can download one of our many OS templates right from antMan and be working in your new environment in seconds. 

Instant Deployment

Spin up new antlets (our VPS) in less than 10 seconds! Select a template, assign resources and.. Wait, that's it!

Maximize your Resources

Run both: Virtual Machines (based on KVM) and super-efficient LXC Containers on the same platform. Unlike docker or kubernetes, we let you implement containers on the application level AND infrastructure level so that they look & feel like full physical servers of their own.

Terminal in Management GUI

Access the OS terminal right from within antMan and SSH into your antlets. 

Custom Templates

So you have created the perfect environment for your work, and now you want replicate it in multiple VPSs to try some things out. Great! Just take a snapshot of the antlet and with one click it's a template OS for new antlets to use cookie-cutter style. Done!