The edgeLinux story

The Internet consists of millions of servers that are interconnected, and is the world's most beautiful and powerful distributed system. Yet the vast majority of those servers are controlled by just a few giant companies. Those companies have the ability to spy on us, spam us with their marketing, cajole us into expensive hosting plans, and generally have the control in our relationship to our data. If you did want to own that relationship, and set up your own private cloud, it was extremely expensive to start and you would need an experienced tech team to manage it. This made it so only large enterprises could have control over their own data. 

In the summer of 2015, Bernie Blume, founder of antsle, started an open-source project to give control back to you, the people, by transforming the private cloud into an infrastructure that is extremely easy to use and cost effective for everyone.

After expanding the team at antsle, the hardware, as well as the virtual server manager antMan, was developed to help bolster the open-source project. It was now ready to start fulfilling its mission and to move the power from the centralized giants back into your hands.

Today that open-source project is known as edgeLinux.