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The Fastest & Easiest Path to the Private Cloud.

edgeLinux provides the ideal platform to run all the Virtual Servers you need, easily and efficiently. By leveraging both virtualization (KVM) and bare-metal containerization (LXC), the user has maximum flexibility on how to get the most out of any hardware

The entire platform is built to optimize the workflow for devs + devops: Instant snapshots, ready templates, a resilient storage backend, fast & easy installations, and more. 

Core Features

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Battle-proven Technology

edgeLinux has been widely used by the community for over 2 years now as the cornerstone of the antsle ecosystem. With over 20 software releases and the constant user feedback, edgeLinux is a well established & supported solution in the community.

Full VMs and
bare-metal Containers 

Run both side by side: Virtual Machines (based on KVM) and super-efficient LXC containers on the same platform. In addition to docker or kubernetes, we let you implement containers on the application level AND infrastructure level so that they look & feel like full physical servers of their own.

Near-Instant Deployment

Spin up new antlets (our VPS) in less than 10 seconds! Select a template, assign resources and... Wait, that's it!

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